Malawi is currently in the process of working on its TNA. It has completed its sectors and technology prioritization process and is currently working on its second reports (Barrier Analysis and Enabling Frameworks).

Malawi is a landlocked and densely populated country located in southeastern Africa, including the majority of Lake Malawi. The country lies at the southern end of the Great East African Rift Valley system, where it borders Tanzania, Zambia and Mozambique. Currently, the majority of rural communities are experiencing chronic food deficits in many parts of the country on a year-round basis owing to the effects of floods and droughts.

Malawi’s TNA contributes to the following Sustainable Development Goals:

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Key technologies prioritized for adaptation

  • Agriculture
    • Landscape restoration for improved land productivity
    • Integrated crop-livestock-aquaculture-forest (ICLAF) production system
    • Community-based agrictultural extension
  • Water
    • Rainwater harvesting
    • Integrated river basin management (IRBM)
    • Integrated flood management (IFM)

Key technologies prioritized for mitigation

  • Energy
    • Promotion of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) for household cooking
    • Promotion of biofuel as vehicule fuel
    • Biomass gasification technology
    • Lake Malawi hydrokinetic electric power technology
    • Promotion of improved charcoal production kilns
    • Solar PVs
  • Forestry
    • Forest landscape restoration
    • Efficient use of forest products
    • Urban forestry

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