Fiji is currently in the process of working on its TNA. It has completed its sectors and technology prioritization process and is currently working on its second reports (Barrier Analysis and Enabling Frameworks).

Fiji is a small island developing state situated in the South Pacific. Because of its location, it is highly vulnerable to climate change and is experiencing, among other things, eroding shorelines and riverbanks, water shortages, flooding and food insecurity. The Fijian government recognizes the importance of adapting to climate change and coordinating climate change-related adaptation policies, strategies, plans and activities to reduce the country’s vulnerability and enhance the resilience of Fiji’s communities to the impacts of climate change and disasters.

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Key technologies prioritized for adaptation

  • Agriculture
    • Agroforestry
    • Integrated Nutrient Management
    • Improved Crop Varieties
  • Coastal zones
    • Flood-hazard Mapping
    • Rehabilitation of Mangroves
    • Construction of Groynes and Sea Walls

Key technologies prioritized for mitigation

  • Transport
    • Bilge keel optimisation
    • Propulsion Engine Replacement
    • Propeller Boss Cap Fins (PBCF)
  • Energy
    • Ground Mount PV with Dual fuel (CNO/Diesel) Generator Hybrid systems with ESS (Microgrids)
    • Standalone solar PV / Microgrids
    • Micro-pico hydro in minigrid configuation

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