Enhancing Implementation Of Technology Needs Assessments

Guidance for Preparing a Technology Action Plan

The final step in the TNA process is the preparation of Technology Action Plans (TAPs), which support the implementation of the prioritised technologies, at the desired scale, within the country to achieve the climate and development benefits as identified earlier in the TNA. Concretely, a TAP is built upon the measures identified in a TNA for overcoming barriers to technology implementation and specifies how to implement these measures, including who is responsible, when, and from where to secure funding. As such, a TAP serves as a bridge between the analysis on prioritised technologies and their implementation. This guide book is prepared based on a COP 20 request to the Technology Executive Committee (TEC) to provide guidance on how the results of the technology needs assessments (TNAs), in particular the technology action plans (TAPs), can be developed into projects that can be ultimately implemented.

Published year: 2017
Content type: TNA Guidebook
File: Download
Publisher: UNEP DTU Partnership