TNA stories: Technology standards and frameworks in Ecuador

June 4, 2024

In its Technology Needs Assessment, Ecuador has prioritized energy efficiency to ensure energy security and reduce energy consumption and emissions from energy production. This also aims at reducing energy costs, to benefit users and increase competitiveness.

The Technology Needs Assessment identified lack of information and of capacity on energy efficiency, as well as inadequate regulations, as barriers for energy efficient technologies.

As a result, the Securing Energy Efficiency in the Ecuadorian Residential and Public Sectors (SECURE) project was started to address these barriers. SECURE responded directly to climate technology priorities and to Ecuador’s NDC targets of creating incentives for efficient use and saving of energy through the use of efficient technologies.

SECURE was supported with USD 25.8 million through the Global Environment Facility, and became a key instrument in boosting energy efficiency policies leading to a significant reduction in electricity consumption nationwide:

  • A reduction in peak demand of 362 MW
  • USD 720 million in savings due to avoided infrastructure investments

The project also included capacity-building and guidelines for enforcing energy-efficiency standards to stimulate increased use of energy-efficient appliances in the residential and public sectors.

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