Technologies for Climate Change Mitigation – Agriculture Sector

This guidebook covers a range of technologies and practices in the agricultural sector related to crops and livestock that can control emission of greenhouse gases, and help improve productivity at teh same time. All the options are dealt with in simple language, and approaches for implementing these technologies are also provided. The guidebook will be used by national TNA teams comprising stakeholders from government, non-governmental organisations and the private sector.


The publication is authored by Dr. D.C. Uprety, Dr. Subash Dahr, Professor Dong Hongmin, Dr. Bruce A. Kimball, Professor Amit Garg, and Ms. JigeeshaUpadhyay. The authors combine their individual expertise in the agricultural sector and climate change to provide balanced descriptions of technologies from a development and climate perspective.

Authors: Amit Garg, Bruce A. Kimball, D.C. Uprety, Dong Hongmin, Jigeesha Upadhyay, Subash Dhar
Published year: 2012
Content type: TNA Guidebook
File: Download
Publisher: UNEP DTU Partnership