Technologies for Climate Change Adaptation – Coastal Erosion and Flooding

Sea level rise, more intense storm surges, and other climate change impacts will pose serious threats to large number of people living along the world’s coasts. This guidebook covers thirteen main adaptation technologies for coastal erosion and flooding due to climate change. For each technology, the authors present a technology description, its advantages and disadvantages, costs and benefits, institutional organisation requirements and detailed examples about its application.

This guidebook is co-authored by Matthew M. Linham and Robert J. Nicholls from the University of Southampton. Professor Nicholls is one of the top international experts on coastal impacts and adaptation to climate change, with an emphasis on seal level rise. This guidebook will be a useful handbook for policy makers and coastal zone project planners.

This publication is one of the adaptation and mitigation technology guidebooks produced as part of the GEF-funded Technology Needs Assessment (TNA) project. This project is undertaken by UNEP and URC in 36 developing countries.

Authors: Matthew m. Linham, Robert J. Nicholls
Published year: 2010
Content type: TNA Guidebook
File: Download
Publisher: UNEP DTU Partnership