Technologies for Climate Change Adaptation – Agriculture Sector

This guidebook provides information on 22 technologies and options for adapting to climate change in the agriculture sector. It describes what policy makers, development planners, agriculture experts and other stakeholders in countries should consider while determining a technology development path in agriculture. NGOs, rural communities and agricultural practitioners could examine and include appropriate options in their portfolios of technologies and options for agriculture. The guidebook is expected to stimulate further work on identifying options for climate change adaptation in the agricultural sector in different parts of the world. This guidebook has been co-authored by Rebecca Clements, Alicia Quezada, and Juan Torres from Practical Action Latin America and Jeremy Haggar from the University of Greenwich, UK. They have extensive field experiences and strong expertise in supporting such activities in developing countries.

Authors: Alicia Quezada, Jeremy Haggar, Juan Torres, Rebecca Clements
Published year: 2011
Content type: TNA Guidebook
File: Download
Publisher: UNEP DTU Partnership