Indigenous Peoples and Climate Technologies

Acknowledging indigenous peoples’ technologies and identifying linkages with Technology Needs Assessments

This guidebook is produced as part of the GEF-Funded Global Technology Needs Assessment (TNA) Project, which is implemented by UNEP and UNEP DTU Partnership. Since 2009, close to one hundred countries have joined the Global TNA Project.

Indigenous peoples’ knowledge of climate resilience and their global contribution to a sustainable management of our shared natural resources are critical to combating climate change and its impacts. Yet, their contribution often remains unacknowledged, and too often indigenous peoples have little access to the financial resources or forums for decision-making concerning the environment, which severely undermines opportunities for significant influence in climate policy, planning and action.

This guidebook provides information about how to identify and integrate relevant considerations on indigenous peoples and technologies into the TNA process, while ensuring that their free, prior and informed consent is obtained.

Authors: Shanar Tabrizi
Status: Published
Published year: 2021
Content type: TNA Guidebook
File: Download
Publisher: UNEP DTU Partnership
No. of pages: 42