Finance Guide for Implementation of Technology Action Plans

Reaching the envisaged scale of climate technology implementation implies a drastic scale-up and implementation of policies and measures, as well as a rapid mobilization of domestic and international financial resources, which should be efficiently and sustainably invested. This guidebook provides information on how to develop a business case for interventions that are inclusive of climate change mitigation and adaptation technologies, and to present this information in structured proposals to donors and financiers.

The guidebook is primarily intended for national TNA teams, which consist of stakeholders from government, non-government organisations, private sector and others, but can also be used by other practitioners developing project proposals.

This guidebook is produced as part of the GEF-Funded Global Technology Needs Assessment Project, which is implemented by UNEP and UNEP DTU Partnership. Since 2009, close to one hundred countries have joined the Global Technology Needs Assessment (TNA) Project.

Authors: FEDERICO ANTONIO CANU, Jorge Hinojosa Garza, Merete Villum Pedersen, Sara Lærke Meltofte Trærup, Subash Dhar
Status: Published
Published year: 2020
Content type: TNA Guidebook
File: Download
Publisher: UNEP DTU Partnership
No. of pages: 66