TNA Step by Step

A guidebook for countries conducting a Technology Needs Assessment and Action Plan

This guidebook is produced as part of the GEF-Funded Global Technology Needs Assessment Project, which is implemented by UN Environment and UNEP DTU Partnership. The guidebook is intended for national TNA teams, which consist of stakeholders from government, non-government organisations, private sector and others.

The guidebook walks through the steps in preparing a Technology Needs Assessment (TNA) and Technology Action Plan (TAP). As such it is the ‘go-to’ document for national TNA teams. It is based upon, and refers to, various in-depth guidance materials that are available to inform and support TNA project management and technical analysis. It draws upon numerous country examples to illustrate how the TNA project can be organized and implemented, and how it can enable countries to secure public and private sources of investment in strategic and priority climate technology projects, both for mitigation and adaptation.

Authors: James Haselip, Jorge Rogat, Rasa Narkeviciute, Sara Trærup
Published year: 2019
Content type: TNA Guidebook
File: Download
Publisher: UNEP DTU Partnership