Highlights from the second regional workshops

November 29, 2019

The second set of regional capacity building workshops under the TNA III brought together countries from across the globe in Suriname, Fiji, South Africa and Senegal in October 2019. Organised by UNEP DTU Partnership and the respective Regional Centres, the workshops were an opportunity for the country teams to interact with the organisers as well as provide inputs and training on:

  1. Identifying barriers and inefficiencies by using market mapping and other tools
  2. Identifying activities aimed at overcoming the identified barriers and inefficiencies;
  3. Identifying enabling framework activities to accelerate technology deployment;
  4. Developing TAPs describing activities and enabling frameworks to overcome the barriers and facilitate the transfer, adoption, and diffusion of selected technologies in the participant countries.

After the workshop, the TNA Coordinators and the national consultants will embark on the second stage of the TNA process – Barrier Analysis and Enabling Framework. As a participant from the Anglophone group of countries in Africa highlighted:

This event was so important in a way that will facilitate the start of the BA & EF process. The methods gained will be applied to continue the process. At this end, I believe that the BA & EF shall be smoothly carried out.”

Other participants from the Caribbean workshop, felt that the group sessions and the chance to share TNA experiences with others going through the same steps, was important and made the TNA work more dynamic:

Bringing the teams together to facilitate discussions and ‘brainstorming’ and the opportunity to learn from each other is commendable. Group exercises were extremely useful and helped to clarify some issues and or some assumptions, shed light on how to conduct activities in consultation with stakeholders.”

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