Latin America and the Caribbean

The TNA has led to the MK2 cooker and oven being prioritized. The technology has a potential to save 50% of the fuel used in the production of bricks, as well as reducing cooking times by 30%. This is very beneficial economically to the small and medium enterprises, as it saves operational costs. At the same time, the technology has a great mitigation potential in one of Colombia’s most energy-demanding industries.

Colombia is located at the northern tip of South America, bordering on both the Caribbean Sea and the north of the Pacific Ocean. Colombia has rich natural resources and depends particularly on its exports from its energy and mining industries. Through the TNA, the manufacturing sector has been chosen as the target sector for mitigation. The production of bricks and metal is particularly prevalent. The sector was chosen on account of its economic and social importance and because it is one of the largest consumers of energy.

Colombia completed its TNA in 2013. The TNA highlighted the financial limitations that Colombia’s small and medium enterprises face when investing in new technologies. To overcome this barrier a system of financial incentives has been put in place to better facilitate small and medium enterprises make the necessary investments in sustainable technological solutions.

Colombia’s TNA contributes to the following Sustainable Development Goals:

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Priority technologies for adaptation

  • Coastal zone and islands sector
    • Regeneration of dunes
    • Wetlands restoration
    • Regeneration of beaches or beach fill
    • Monitoring system (MS0, MS1, MS2, MS3 and MS4)

Priority technologies for mitigation

  • Manufacturing: Metal sector
    • Autoregenerative burner for metal melting and heating
    • Autorecuperative burners
  • Manufacturing: Bricks sector
    • MK2 cooker and oven
    • Vertical shaft brick kiln